Trucking Accounting

Improve your profit margins with our cost-effective financial services that help trucking managers step away from accounting operations and focus on growing their business.

Delivered by industry experts

Trucking Accounting Services

Our dedicated team understands the sensitive areas of trucking operations. We take care of your financial books by supporting you every step of the way so you can make better business decisions. Good accounting means more friends in the industry. The better you keep track of your cash flow, the more growth opportunities your business has.
Get paid on time and be on top of your expenses with our team. Let us organize your financial data and provide accurate insights on your cash flow. Use our expertise to get ready for the unexpected.

JLKS Accounting Services​


We categorize your transactions so you have all your accounts organized. Accurate Bookkeeping makes your life easier for tax time.​

Accounts Receivable​

Your accounts receivable are the lifeblood of your cash flow. Build your customer loyalty and protect your company from bad collections with our AR operations. We make sure each transaction is a good experience.​

Accounts Payable​

Our solid AP monitoring system enables you to strengthen your negotiation power and partner with better vendors. The efficiency of accounts payable directly influences your business reputation and financial stability. Create strong connections and stay away from uncontrolled expenses.​


Regular reconciliations are crucial to ensure data integrity. Our team can help you prevent overdrafts and catch fraudulent transactions. Be prepared for any financial audits with our services.​

Monthly Financial Review​

Identify your strengths and weaknesses with our customized monthly financial reports. We provide a high level summary of your cash inflows and outflows. Understand better your business health with our financial ratios and industrial comparative analysis.​


Keep your employees’ morale high by compensating them on time regularly with our payroll services. Get an accurate overview of the total cost of your employees and create better budgets.​

Why choose us​

Personalized approach​

Dedicated support​

Driven by numbers. Powered by people.​

Get Help From Our Trucking Accounting Team​

Behind every great company there is a great accounting team. Partner with us to keep track of your numbers. We are your long-term asset that can bring order to your work’s balance sheet. Connect with us to start a better accounting routine today.
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