IFTA Report Filing

International Fuel Tax Agreement Filing Assistance

JLKS International Fuel Tax Agreement filing service details

Avoid IFTA headache and errors at all cost

Let us get your IFTA filing right the first time so you can save your money and stick to what you can do best: driving and generating profits. Trucking regulations can be tricky and at times confusing.
Don’t waste your time dealing with papers and calculations, instead, let our team keep your trucking company compliant with FMCSA and DOT. Unfortunately, IFTA mistakes can get pretty pricey. It is better to trust the experts to deal with the reports, especially if you are facing this task for the first time. JLKS will assist you in choosing the best practices for improving your IFTA data gathering process.

What is the process?​

The formula is simple. Just send us your miles driven and all your fuel purchases by state. We will take care of the rest. Give us a call and we will walk you through everything you need to achieve trucking compliance.


What is IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement between states to report the fuel consumption of motor carriers that drive in more than one state. Here are the fundamental IFTA rules:

• To register, you must have an established place of business in your base state from which motor carrier operations are performed.

• Mileage must be accrued in your base state.

• Your fleet operating records must be maintained or can be made available in your base state.

• You must operate in at least one other IFTA jurisdiction.

What is the expiration and the renewal date for IFTA decals?

IFTA decals expire on the last day of December of each year.

How can I avoid IFTA taxes due at the end of each quarter?

You must fuel in each state that you drive. The IFTA agreement affirms that you will pay the taxes the state charges at the pump on any mileage run in that specific state, even if you did not purchase fuel there. Remember to retain all fuel receipts and all your trip sheets which prove the mileage records for each state.

When are the IFTA reports deadlines?

International Fuel Tax Agreement Return reporting Quarters (Any Given Year):

January - March (Due by last day of April)
April - June (Due by last day of July)
July - September (Due by last day of October)
October - December (Due by last day of January)

Weight Distance Taxes

The Weight Distance Taxes (WDT) represent an additional tax charged by Kentucky, New Mexico, New York and Oregon on mileage traveled within these states.

If you are planning to have these states in your route, remember to apply for permits and be aware of the additional tax charge for International Fuel Tax Agreement filing.

Who is required to file IFTA?

Carriers must have an International Fuel Tax Agreement license for vehicles crossing state lines which have 2 axles and a GVW/GVWR of 26,001 lbs or more; or if they have power units with 3 or more axles. You cannot drive without a IFTA license. The report is filed quarterly and includes the ratio between driven miles and the amount of fuel gallons you purchased in each state you drove.
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