Top 3 Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

June 5, 2022


Fuel Cards that offer a decent amount of savings present a leading success factor for trucking companies, allowing them to save up on average $12,000 per year on 10,000 gallons. Moreover, great fuel platforms help you manage budgets better with spending control and give you accurate records and customized analytical reports. Therefore, if you are a trucking company or an owner-operator that struggles to find suitable fuel cards, this article should be pretty helpful for comparing the three best options in the industry.

trucking companies fuel cards

Here are the fuel cards we chose for your review. 

  • TCS
  • AtoB
  • Mudflap

TCS (TransConnect Services)

TCS offers a customized setup for your card and massive discounts on diesel fill-ups. TCS clients save on average 45 cents per gallon, but savings could reach even up to 63 cents per gallon. They have a network of over 1,200 fuel locations across the United States and Canada. Their convenient app enables users to find in-network centers and provides road directions. Within the network, you can take advantage of zero transaction fees and zero hidden fees. 

With this fuel card, maintenance gets great cost savings as well. You can enjoy serious discounts for maintenance services, tire purchases, and well-known tire or parts brands at all TA Truck Service Centers. 

There is no Credit Check, so the social security number is not required to apply. All they need is just your business FEIN number. Since there is no credit check, the account doesn’t act as a credit line account. You simply need to fund money on your card before you fuel up at the pump. 

Their reporting system lets you track your fuel consumption and other related expenses. Moreover, you can plan your trips ahead with service and fuel stops to get maximum discounts. 

To check them out, visit:


Unlike TCS, AtoB is not limited by a network and provides competitive discounts at every gas station and truck stop. Although AtoB covers all the gas stations, their discount is much less than TCS: only 5 cents per gallon. 

Some similarities between both cards include the ability to use the card for maintenance services with discounts and zero fees for transactions. Plus, their reports are pretty good for analyzing the history of your transactions and getting ready for IFTA. 

One specific characteristic of this fuel card is the customer’s ability to set purchase limits, allowing fleet managers to control their fuel operations better. Of course, if you are your own manager, then you have no worries about limited gallons. With AtoB, feel free to use as much fuel as you need, no matter the service location. 

If you need more details, see:


Mudflap is a new player in the industry but definitely a game-changer. There is no actual physical fuel card. Instead, everything is done electronically through their phone app. Since there are no physical cards, you will have to link your bank account to the app to purchase fuel. The advantage of a solely electronic system is the ability to avoid the application waiting time and the unnecessary hustle of proving your revenue sources or checking your credit score. Exactly like AtoB and TCS, there are no transaction fees involved. 

Mudflap is limited by a network, just like TCS. Currently, they are offering up to 50 cents off per gallon at hundreds of independent fuel stops. Compared to TCS, Mudflap’s network is considerably smaller; however, they are working on expanding it constantly, so definitely keep an eye on them; it has excellent potential.

Mudflap is famous for supporting the moms and pops independent fuel stops instead of partnering with big chains. This is truly wonderful since, as we all know, the independent gas stations are many times cheaper. 

To follow their progress, access:

Trucking companies need great fuel card programs to accelerate their cash flow. Especially with the current inflation and global economic instability, fuel prices just keep soaring and soaring. For trucking, it truly hurts the budget. With more fuel expenses, growing your company or keeping up with current operations is harder. So always have your eyes wide open and choose the fuel card that helps you grow. If there is a problem, there is also a solution. 

Stay tuned to our blog. We will keep writing about more trucking tips to help you improve your budgets and operations. 

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